About Atoz Tracking Solutions

Atoz Tracking Solutions is a fully established and accredited Indian GPS Tracking Company specialized in a wide range of tracing solutions for all business or personal requirements. We are based in Mumbai, India. Our services extend across the India including major cities such as Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and many others. Our goal has been to provide high quality tracking and monitoring solutions that are customized to unique customer’s needs.

We are fully accredited and licensed by the relevant industry governing and monitoring authorities, and our quality is second to none. We use the latest GPS technology and high standard trackers to design and install a complete solution that meets all your tracking requirements. We have grown to become the most reputable and tracker professionals in the country and all our solutions.

The unique tracking solutions designed by our team suit diverse customer needs. Our GPS school bus tracking system, Transom ensures peace of mind for parents by tracking and updating them about the location of their children during their commute or in the school premises. Imprint Sales force tracking system gives a great tool in the hands of Sales Managers and professionals to improve their productivity and helps them attain their highest potential.

Our  Transport Tracking solution uses technology to assure safe commute to employees and greater control to corporate companies to manage their fleet of vehicles. Smart communication ensures convenient communication between parents, mentors and students. are Thatcham approved and highly recognized by major insurance companies.

Our Solutions

We offer the best professional tool for GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management, real time alerts, performance reporting and asset management
<div class=”iconbox left “> <div class=”box-content”>Everything you need in one place to get the job, do the work and get paid. Save time, reduce admin overhead and minimize data entry errors.</div> </div>
Our ELDs help enhance fleet operations and lessen the load on your fleet drivers. With an ELD, fleet managers can benefit with simplify and automate.
Using our fuel management software will allow you to control fuel costs, analyze fuel usage, and find any issues quickly.
<div class=”iconbox left “> <div class=”box-content”>Driver tracking, along with unique IDs, gives you the ability to manage your team more effectively, at every level. Get real-time access.</div> </div>
With our route management software you will easily find cost-effective routes, effectively plan your drivers working day and more.